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Hart Trailers

Hart Horse Trailers at Bishop's Trailer Sales

Bishops Trailer Sales is proud to feature Horse Trailer, Living Quarters, and Livestock Trailers from Hart Manufacturing. Their quality all aluminum construction horse trailers are a top of the line brand we are proud to offer to our customers.

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Hart Trailers - The Difference is in the Details

Manufacturing custom horse trailers since 1968, HART prides itself in manufacturing trailers that fit the personal needs and desires of their customers. The only limits to changing and customizing HART Trailers are safety, structural soundness, and your imagination. At HART, we are large enough to have the available materials, knowledge, equipment, technology and personnel, and yet small enough to give the personal attention to details in order to accomplish the most unusual of requests.

The ULTIMATE horse trailer. Just like the name describes, this trailer model is the ULTIMATE in horse transportation! The standard features of this trailer model exceed all others in the horse trailer industry. Features include padded stall dividers, lined interior stall walls, drop down feed doors, sliding windows, smooth skin sheets on the exterior walls of the dressing room and extruded aluminum side slats on the exterior of the stall area. If absolute customization is your goal, the ULTIMATE is the perfect choice for you. If you desire larger slant stalls for your horses, the ULTIMATE can be built to fit your needs. The ULTIMATE is available in 2- through 8-horse gooseneck slant configurations and 2- through 4-horse slant bumper pull configurations.

Hart Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

The MEDALLION models by HART are packaged trailers for value conscious horsemen and women. The MEDALLION models are full of user-friendly features that make this an extremely popular choice for horse transportation all over the country. Unlike other companies, HART aztrailerss not sacrifice any structural components or features for this price conscious model. With width as an exception, the MEDALLION models are based from the same structural design and features of the ULTIMATE models. All the MEDALLION models are built 6’8” wide, which eliminates the disrupting interior fender well. MEDALLION models are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-horse slant goosenecks and 2- and 3- horse slant bumper pull configurations.


Getting Down To The Hart Of The Matter

Every trailer company markets their brand as they see fit. With most trailers, the brand name is just that, a name. With a Hart Trailer, the name is a little closer to the heart. Hart is the family name.

Remember, the difference is in the details and here are the top 10 details that make Hart Trailer LLC a leader in the industry and proud to have their family name on each and every trailer built.



DESIGNED, BUILT, AND SOLD BY HORSE PEOPLE FOR HORSE PEOPLE – By using the trailers on a daily basis, it gives us the ability to understand our customers’ needs.


CUSTOM BAY BUILT – One of the greatest advantages of choosing a Hart Trailer is the ability to design “your trailer, your way.” Your trailer can fit your individual needs and lifestyle. Hart is proud to accommodate the needs of the most discriminating horseman or horsewoman.


NAME BRAND COMPONENTS – Hart sources components from a variety of companies in the USA. Hart uses products from major suppliers such as Dexter, Goodyear, Michelin, Alcoa, Peterson, Hehr, Equalizer, and HWH Corporation, to name a few. By using these major suppliers, Hart can maintain the level of quality that will far surpass your expectations.


SOLID SIDE POSTS - Solid upright posts on all Hart Trailers.   An easy way to save money on trailer construction is to use  c-shaped upright posts in the wall structure. An average consumer doesn’t notice the difference just by looking at the trailer, but the difference becomes significant over the long-term. At Hart, we do not use c-shaped upright posts because they are only 2/3 as strong as rectangular tubing of the same size. All Hart Trailers have solid posts.

PERIMETER MAIN FRAME 9” TALL - Aircraft grade aluminum unitized frame full length along the entire trailer, floor and nose, making the gooseneck structure an integral part of the trailer, rather than a stuck on after thought. Entire mainframe to flooring joints are continuously welded top and bottom to give you the ultimate in strength and durability. All structural aluminum extrusions are 6061 alloy with T6 temper to get the most muscle per ounce, 46,000 PSI structural strength, 22% stronger than steel yet only 1/3 the weight.

HART DOOR SYSTEM - Heavy-duty channel type door jamb and frame extrusions with inset weather stripping, for an automotive fit. Inset weather-stripping is not exposed to the elements and cannot be pulled off the edge of the door. The doors are double framed for unmatched strength and durability. Not only did Hart pioneer the channel type doorjamb system; all Hart doors regardless of size have an additional inner aluminum tubing frame for rigidity and strength. The doors are also filled with Styrofoam to insulate and deaden sound.

These heavy duty doors are welded to the trailer by hinges that consist of ¼” thick wall aluminum extrusion stock with pressed in stainless steel caps, ½” diameter stainless steel hinge pin, with stainless steel washer between upper & lower half to eliminate wear. On all full height doors we use at least four hinges, for longer life and to prevent sagging. With the Hart Door System, only the best windows are used. Our windows feature tinted automotive tempered safety glass, closed cell foam seal tape behind the full perimeter frame and are silicone sealed around the outer edge for a double seal. No other trailer manufacturer even comes close to matching the Hart Door System.

INTERLOCKING FLOOR - Each flooring/cross member extrusion is tongue and grooved along each edge, interlocking each flooring section together creating the strongest flooring possible. By using a 6005 aluminum extrusion for the flooring you get the best corrosion resistance possible. 6005 aluminum extrusion is 15% more corrosion resistant than 6061 aluminum extrusions, and 40% more corrosion resistant than the common 3105 aluminum sheet alloys that are prone to sagging between cross members, holding moisture, and corroding with time. Also our flooring is .140” thick, 20% thicker than the competitions standard .125” thick extruded or sheet floors. Greater durability and longer life expectancy is the bottom line benefit.

FULLY INSULATED ROOF - All Hart roofs are 1/2” thick fiberglass reinforced structural panels with a R3 thermal value for the ultimate in temperature, quietness, and strength. The Hart roof is a structural grade polypropylene honeycomb core material with a 1/16” layer of fiberglass resin and woven matting top and bottom, finished on the top exposed surface with a gel coat. The gel coat finish provides a high gloss panel, with long-term protection built in. Additionally, it will not dent when subjected to hail, tree limbs, or the occasional rank horse that throws its head up into the ceiling. We use it at Hart because it is simply the very best material available for a horse trailer roof. Besides, we think you and your prized livestock deserve it.

EIGHT YEAR WARRANTY – An eight year limited warranty to the original purchaser, eligible to be transferred to a second owner, against defects in material and workmanship arising from normal use on the superstructure consisting of the bottom rails, side posts, roof rails, roof bows, hitch frame and undercarriage frame. All other components manufactured by Hart Trailer LLC that attach to the main trailer frame, such as doors, gates, dividers or any other materials or parts are warranted to the original purchaser against any defect in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

FAMILY OWNED FOR 40+ YEARS - Hart Trailer LLC is a family owned business that was established in 1968 by Anthony & Kay Hart. Putting the Hart family name on every trailer built is a symbol of the pride felt about the product they manufacture. Hart Trailer LLC is recognized as a leader in the trailer industry, and has become the industry standard for outstanding quality in each and every trailer built.

hart horse trailer details

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